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Firmographic Data

When you are launching a product, you may be aware of the competitor’s insight using our Firmographic Data that will help you to discover more insights.

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Firmographic data refers to the various unique data points that help marketers and competitors categorize businesses and companies. This data describes the operations of the companies. Firmographic data examples include- Geographic location, area served, headquarters’ location, Industry type, Customer type (B2B, B2C, or business-to-government – B2G), Company size (number of employees), Total revenue and sales, Type of organization, legal status, and ownership structure, etc.

Why is Firmographic data important?

Our firmographic data team is experienced to ensure you spend the time focusing on other priorities of the business as we process and qualify your database of company profiles that are most accurate. We help you to segment potential B2B customer’s company information with respect to meaningful segments to ensure your campaigns or end clients get the results. The most common firmographic data includes industry type, sector, employee range, current location, total revenue, founder year, etc.

Advantages of Firmographics Data?

  • Advance-level Prospecting:
    Firmographics add value to your buyer’s persona, thereby making it more granular for targeting and searching for prospects that suit the ideal client profile. If your company practices Account-Based Marketing, technographic is bound to benefit you significantly.


  • High-Volume Sales Conversations:
    Sales/BD representatives can make modifications to deliver hard-hitting pitches that will be more effective than the generic scripts. Furthermore, firmographic data also offers deep insights on how to have informed and high-quality conversations with clients.


  • Improve Account-Based Sales Activities:
    As discussed above, through an assessment of the current technological landscape, the R&D teams can identify various avenues of growth and expansion for the business. Upon identifying the new market opportunities, businesses can work towards developing new and innovative products or services to cater to these requirements.


  • Smart Competitive Advantage:
    The illustration shared at the beginning of the post is rather self-explanatory in highlighting how firmographic data can offer you a competitive edge in the industry. firmographics allow companies to target their competitor’s customers and to identify any major changes that can motivate any purchase.


  • Next-level Customer Retention:
    Firmographic data can help customer success and sales teams identify the at-risk accounts and work with them to propose solutions that guarantee enhanced customer satisfaction. As a result, clients will continue business with your organization.

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Technology data coverage

We have covered more than 40% market including Information Technology, Computer software, Internet, Telecommunication, Computer network, Computer network & security. Our majority of clients come from IT businesses. If you are a technology company and looking for competitive technology installed base user’s information, then you are on the right page. Using our portal you can review the number of companies using a particular technology. You can search more than 40k+ technologies including IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Storage, and ERP along with Virtualization Software getting used globally and also place a sample request for data validation and quality review.

Our Technology database covered more than 400+ tech categories and has 10k+ verified Tech vendors operating in the global market.

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Market Research

We deploy a multiple market research activities to gain the perfect data & insights of each projects

Data Building

Once the research analysis is over, we gather all the semi-structured data in one place

Data Validation

All the data get through a proper validation under several resources and legal compliance

Privacy Updates

During the data validation program, we also deploy an opt-out campaigner to let the audience unsubscribe on demand of each project approval. These activities help us to get the accurate file upon delivery.

Database Delivery

Upon satisfaction of data nurturing, validation, privacy updates, now it's time to prepare an excel/.csv file and upload them to the server so the client can download the file through an end-to-end encrypted server.


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