Advantages of Technographics Data?

Technographic, or technology buying stack information is used to represent the IT buying and selling instructions in form of data-to-charts. It also helps to understand the buyer’s data in form of data visualization using various resources. The technographic data helps to take quick action on data analysis, customer insight, buying and selling parameters, etc.


Advantages of Technographics Data?

  • Hyper-Targeted Prospecting:
    Technographics add value to your buyer’s persona, thereby making it more granular for targeting and searching for prospects that suit the ideal client profile. If your company practices Account-Based Marketing, technographic is bound to benefit you significantly.
  • High-Quality Sales Conversations:
    Sales representatives can make modifications to deliver hard-hitting pitches that will be more effective than the generic scripts. Furthermore, technographic data also offers deep insights on how to have informed and high-quality conversations with clients.
  • Improve Account-Based Marketing Campaigns:
    As discussed above, through an assessment of the current technological landscape, the R&D teams can identify various avenues of growth and expansion for the business. Upon identifying the new market opportunities, businesses can work towards developing new and innovative products or services to cater to these requirements.
  • Industrial Competitive Advantage:
    The illustration shared at the beginning of the post is rather self-explanatory in highlighting how technographic data can offer you a competitive edge in the industry. Technographics allow companies to target their competitor’s customers and to identify any major changes that can motivate any purchase.
  • Excellent Customer Retention:
    Technographic data can help customer success and sales teams identify the at-risk accounts and work with them to propose solutions that guarantee enhanced customer satisfaction. As a result, clients will continue business with your organization.

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